Questions about applications

Q It says the applicant must be “a researcher who has obtained a doctorate within the last 10 years, or a young researcher with an equivalent research background.” Can I still apply even if I obtained my doctorate more than 10 years ago? Also, what is an “equivalent research background”? Up to what age do you consider someone to be a “young researcher”?
A The condition for tenure track staff is to have obtained a doctorate within the last 10 years. An “equivalent research background” means “a person who was enrolled on a doctoral course for at least the standard number of years, and after obtaining the prescribed number of credits, withdrew from the course without obtaining a doctorate,” and requires having a research background of 10 years or less. For age limits for young researchers, etc., please refer to the application qualifications in the information for each open recruitment.
Q It says the applicant must be “a researcher who has obtained a doctorate within the last 10 years, or a young researcher with an equivalent research background.” What point in time should it be within the 10 years of?
A The deadline for the open recruitment of the tenure track staff at Yamaguchi University.

Questions about salaries

Q Are there salary increases during the term of employment?
A Salary increases stipulated in the “Yamaguchi University Rules on Academic and Administrative Staff Salaries” will be applied.
Q Will I receive a retirement allowance?
A You will be provided with the amount stipulated in the “Yamaguchi University Rules on Retirement Allowances for Academic and Administrative Staff”

Questions about the research environment

Q Please tell me about research effort.
A If we consider the total annual working time of tenure track staff to be 100%, we provide a system that allows them to spend at least 60% of that time working on research.
Q Please tell me about the research environment for tenure track staff.
A The tenure track system at Yamaguchi University provides a research environment (securing research space, etc.) which enables researchers to carry out independent research activity as the main researcher.
Q What kind of support is provided by the URA (Research Administrator) at Yamaguchi University? Also, what kind of merits are there?
A A URA is an expert in obtaining funding for research projects, project implementation, advertising, and project analysis. A distinctive feature of Yamaguchi University is its system whereby researchers can get support from staff who can understand the research at the same level as the researcher and, like administrative staff, know about the nature of funding and what happens after obtaining funding. The support for tenure track staff is not only provided by the URA. However, URA support includes support for the acquisition of research funding (provision of information on competitive funding for each researcher, advanced-level brushing up of application form content) after the third year, when the period of support from the JST ends, consultations on specialized legal affairs (gene diversity and intellectual property conforming to specific research content) and publicizing research achievements. The support system for tenure track staff is well developed at Yamaguchi University, as we are selected for URA projects by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and there is a URA Office on each campus.(Yamaguchi University URA Office:http://www.ura.yamaguchi-u.ac.jp/
Q I am concerned about research funding drying up after the third year. Does Yamaguchi University have its own system to support research expenses?
A As of FY2013, there are on-campus competitive funds for general staff you can apply for, called the KAKEN Challenge Project, the Onko-Chishin Project, Support Expenses for Young Researchers, and the Yobimizu Project (the New Yobimizu Project from FY2014). Information about these funds is posted on the websites of academic research departments during the application periods, so please take a look. (Details on the funds cannot be viewed from outside the university.)
Q What kind of joint-use equipment are available upon request if I am employed as tenure track staff?
A The equipment installed in the Science Research Centers on Yoshida Campus and Kogushi Campus, the Yamaguchi Innovation Creation Promotion Base andthe Micromachining Platformon Tokiwa Campus can be used by anyone as long as they are academic staff at Yamaguchi University. It doesn’t matter which campus you are from. For further information, such as the specific apparatus and procedures for use, please see the each website concerned.
Q What kind of electric journals can be viewed at Yamaguchi University?
A Please see the online journal portal on the Yamaguchi University Library website.(リンク先:http://sfx2.usaco.co.jp/yamaguchi/az/)(Magazine titles can also be checked from outside the university.)