ActivitiesIntroducing Assistant Professor Yui Yamamoto, who took up her post on Apr. 1, 2013, and her lab! 2013.06.17


Assistant Professor Yamamoto has taken up her post as a member of tenure track staff in System Control Medicine at the Graduate School of Medicine (medicine), Yamaguchi University. She has started working on new research at her lab in the main building of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, on Kogushi Campus. The theme of her research is the effects of polyunsaturated fatty acids (in particular, so-called healthy fatty acids like DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and arachidonic acid) on the higher brain functions of the central nervous system. These fatty acids are insoluble as they are, and they combine with proteins that bind to fatty acids (FABPs, fatty-acid-binding proteins) and are carried to the cells throughout the body. Yamaguchi University keeps strains of mice that lack FABPs, so experiments involving controlling the movements of fatty acids are possible. The research environment and support system are well developed, with independent laboratories also on the same floor and students allocated to support the research. 【Photo of the laboratory】 【Centrifuge】 Besides of course cooling, simultaneous centrifugation of up to three test tubes of different sizes is also possible. Yamaguchi University provides research facilities and equipment at the request of tenure track staff. The university will continue to give close support, including a mentor system, so that Assistant Professor Yamamoto can demonstrate her ability to the full.