ActivitiesIntroducing Assistant Professor Takashi Nishikata, who took up his post on Oct. 1, 2012, and his lab! 2012.12.26

Introducing Assistant Professor Takashi Nishikata, who took up his post on Oct. 1, 2012, and his lab. Associate Professor Takashi Nishikata has taken up his post as a member of tenure track staff for the Materials Science and Engineering Department in the Graduate School of Science and Engineering. Mentor academic staff member and Tenure Track URA Associate Professor Nishikata’s lab He specializes in the field of organic metal chemistry, and is enthusiastically engaged in research with the aim of developing innovative reactions which can surpass current limitations, with a view toward applications in medicine and agrochemicals (such as new bond-formation reactions using transition metal catalysts), the development of environmentally-friendly reactions and so on. Furthermore, he routinely exchanges opinions with other researchers in the field and with his mentor, and receives direction and advice from them. Yamaguchi University supports research conducted by tenure track staff, and has provided Associate Professor Nishikata with the research facilities and equipment he has requested for his independent research room and laboratory. Yamaguchi University will continue to give support to tenure track staff, so that they can demonstrate their abilities to the full. 【Gas chromatograph mass spectrometer】 This equipment is used to measure molecular masses. It is used to check molecular masses after reactions. It is an essential tool for the development of reactions. 【Glove box】 Instead of air, this box is filled with deactivating gas. Reagents that are difficult to handle in air can be handled easily in this box. This means more advanced reactions can be developed.