ActivitiesIntroducing Associate Professor Shin Kamijo, who took up his post on Apr. 1, 2012, and his lab! 2012.06.22


Associate Professor Kamijo has taken up his post as a member of tenure track staff for the Natural Science Department in the Graduate School of Science and Engineering. He specializes in synthetic and organic chemistry, and is progressing with the development of a new molecular transformation method which will achieves more efficient synthesis. He is working on applications to environmental issues. Yamaguchi University is supporting independent laboratory management, and provides tenure track staff with the facilities and equipment they need for their experiments, so they can focus on their research. In the laboratory, you can see Associate Professor Kamijo working on research together with students who wanted to be assigned to the same laboratory, which was built in April. Furthermore, he routinely exchanges opinions with other researchers in the field and with his mentor, and receives direction and advice from them. The university will continue to give close support so that tenure track staff can demonstrate their abilities to the full. 【Microwave reaction apparatus】 This apparatus could be called a microwave oven for organic synthesis. Heating using microwaves is very useful, because it dramatically improves reaction efficiency. 【Evaporator】 This apparatus is used to concentrate synthesized substances. It is an indispensable tool for experimenting with organic synthesis, and four of the latest models are installed.