ActivitiesAssociate Professor Nishikata has been presented with “The 30th Special Young Lecturer ” award by the Chemical Society of Japan. 2016.03.30

Associate Professor (tenure track) Takashi Nishikata of Materials Science and Engineering at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering has been presented with “The 30th Special Young Lecturer” award by the Chemical Society of Japan. With the purpose of encouraging young researchers who will bear the next generation of chemistry and science technology on their shoulders, these awards are presented to 20 cases or fewer by means of screening after a broad invitation for applications from the academic world with regard to six fields, including physical chemistry and organic chemistry. The award ceremony will be conducted at the 96th CSJ Annual Meeting, which will be held on Doshisha University’s Kyotanabe Campus from March 24 to 27, 2016. Furthermore, the recipients will deliver special lectures during the period of the annual meeting, and the content of these will be published in the journal of the Chemical Society of Japan, “CHEMISTRY & CHEMICAL INDUSTRY.”

The research theme that has been chosen for the award is “New development of a copper-catalyzed reaction controlled by means of amines,” which Associate Professor Nishikata began work on as a new project after taking up his position at our university. In synthetic organic chemistry, there is a need for the development of innovative molecular architecture reactions in order to synthesize complicated pharmaceuticals. In order to solve this issue, the professor focused on “carbon active species” that control synthesis reactions. Carbon active species come in forms such as radicals, anions, and cation, and he succeeded in finding a basic method for controlling them by means of copper catalysis and amines. This technology is anticipated to form a fundamental technology for the efficient synthesis of complicated molecules in pharmaceutical products and agricultural chemicals.