ActivitiesAssistant Professor Yamamoto presents a topic at the 30th Time Studies Seminar 2015.10.19

On January 23, 2015 (Friday), the 30th Time Studies Seminar, “The time for the development and evolution of organisms,” was held at the Forum Space on the 3rd floor of the Integrated Reserch Building of Yamaguchi University. As a topic presenter, Assistant prefessor, (tenure track) Yui Yamamoto of the Department of Organ Anatomy, System Control Medicine at the Graduate School of Medicine gave a lecture together, with proffesor Yuji Owada of the same department. The Times Studies Seminar is held about three times a year, on the intiative of members of the Yamaguchi University Research institute for Time Studies.The 30th seminar was on “chronobiology,” which is led by Yasuhiro Iwao of the Depertment of Function Molecular Biology at the Graduate School of Medicine, and saw about 20 participants, including students and researchers. Assistnad Proffesor Yamamoto gave a lecture entitled “Reserch  into fatty-acid-binding-proteins(FABPs), in order to understand  mental disorders,”and explained the functions of FABPs and their involvement in psycho-neurolotical diseases, both of which became clear as result of the research. After the  lecture, questions were asked for example about the effects on the body  of  ingesting polyunsaturated fatty acids, and the participants enjoyed a fulfilling time in which researchers from different research areas gave each other plenty  of stimulation.