ActivitiesA group working under Professor Fumio Uchida and Associate Professor Kyosuke Hiyama of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering are selected for ENEMANE HOUSE 2015 2015.08.27

A project led by Professor Fumio Uchida of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering has been selected for the Investigations and Demonstrations Pertaining to the Standardization of Net-Zero Energy Houses (ZEHs). A ZEH is a house in which the balance of annual primary energy consumption is zero (energy consumed ≦ energy generated) as a result of energy saving and energy generation using natural energy. The project is one of the projects by the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry which are based on the concept of enabling students to think up houses of the future. It involves universities’ collaborating with public sector operators to prove the concept of and exhibit ZEHs. Five universities were selected after an examination in the form of a competition.

The mainstream design method used up to now involves determining the frame (design) before deciding the living environment (functions). However, the model house proposed by Yamaguchi University adopted a method that determines the functions required by the house before deciding on a design to achieve those functions. Associate Professor (tenure track) Kyosuke Hiyama at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering has been substantially involved in the project as a sub-leader, from the planning stages right through to analysis of room temperatures and air circulation using his research results.

The model houses will be built and exhibited to the general public in Minatomirai, Yokohama City. Data on energy, comfort and healthiness will also be collected. The house that has been adopted is characterized by the use of wood produced in Yamaguchi Prefecture under a system of collaboration between industry and academia, and by the use of equipment from local companies. Yamaguchi University is the only national and regional university to have been selected, so expectations are high for the project’s contributions to regional redevelopment.

Details have also been posted in “Topics” on the Yamaguchi University website.

提案するモデルハウスの要点 提案したモデルハウスの外観イメージ

  提案したモデルハウスの要点       提案したモデルハウスの外観イメージ


省エネ設計(自然採光) 省エネ設計(自然換気)

     省エネ設計(自然採光)          省エネ設計(自然換気)