ActivitiesAssociate Professor Kamijo wins the Thieme Chemistry Journal Award 2015 2014.12.19


Shin Kamijo, Associate Professor (tenure track) of Environmental Science and Engineering at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering (science), has won the Thieme Chemistry Journal Award 2015. This is an international award for promising young researchers in the field of organic chemistry, and is presented every year by the editors of Synthesis, Synlett and Synfacts, journals on chemistry published by Thieme Medical Publishers (Germany). In early December, Associate Professor Kamijo received a letter of notification of receipt of the award from the chief editor of Synthesis, Paul Knochel, a professor at Ludwig Maximilians University Munich.  Associate Professor Kamijo conducts research into new methods for achieving selective cleavage and functionalization of the bonds between saturated carbon and hydrogen (sp3 C-H), for which transformation is extremely difficult under normal conditions. (For Associate Professor Kamijo’s achievements, please refer to his lab’s website.)  Associate Professor Kamijo says that, encouraged by this award, he aims to bring about innovation in substance production methods at a molecular level, and ultimately to solve issues related to energy, resources and the environment.