ActivitiesAssociate Professor Nishikata wins the Outstanding Paper Award of the Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry’s Kyushu-Yamaguchi Branch 2014.12.02

Takashi Nishikata, Associate Professor (tenure track) of Materials Science and Engineering at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, has won the Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Kyushu-Yamaguchi Branch’s Outstanding Paper Award, which is presented to a research achievement which has been published in an international journal with a high impact factor. Associate Professor Nishikata received the award at the Second Synthetic Organic Chemistry Lecture, which was held at Ube Industries, Ltd. (Ube City) on November 17, 2014.  The award was presented in recognition of the achievement “An Efficient Generation of a Functionalized Tertiary-Alkyl Radical for Copper-catalyzed Tertiary-Alkylative Mizoroki-Heck type Reaction,” which was published in one of the top journals of applied chemistry, J. Am. Chem. Soc. (IF = 11.44), in 2013. (Publication of the article has already been reported on our website)  This award-winning research solved a difficult issue in synthetic organic chemistry, the introduction of a tertiary alkyl group into a terminal alkene, by using a copper-catalyzed reaction. This method is expected to be applied to the efficient synthesis of a variety of useful substances, such as medicines and natural materials.