ActivitiesIntroducing Associate Professor Masaru Fukushi, who took up his post on Apr. 1, 2012, and his lab. 2012.05.22


Associate Professor Masaru Fukushi has taken up his post as a member of tenure track staff in the Department of Systems Design and Engineering of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering. He specializes in computer systems and networks, and has started some new research using specialized equipment. Yamaguchi University strongly supports research by tenure track staff with independent research rooms and laboratories, and by providing them with the research facilities and equipment they have requested. On this day, mentor academic staff and academic staff from Associate Professor Fukushi’s department who are responsible for tenure track staff gathered together in the laboratory to discuss research. Associate Professor Fukushi also actively exchanges opinions with young researchers on affiliated courses, and is finding every day fulfilling. The university will continue to give close support so that tenure track staff can demonstrate their abilities to the full. 【High performance computer HPC5000-XS224R1S-SIP, from HPC Systems Inc.】 This is a device for carrying out computer simulations. It is very useful for research into parallel processing in which multiple calculation units work together to perform the calculation while communicating with one another. This computer is comprised of 5 computation nodes which have 16 calculation units each, and is capable of running a maximum of 80 parallel programs.