ActivitiesIntroducing Assistant Professor Yukimi Sakoda, who took up her post on Feb. 1, 2012, and her lab. 2012.03.17


Assistant Professor Sakoda came back to Japan from the U.S. to be a member of tenure track staff in the Graduate School of Medicine as a result of international open recruitment. Her research field is epidemiology. New research is starting, with the aim of developing a new treatment for malignant tumors, etc. which will target the co-signals of lymphocytes. Yamaguchi University strongly supports research by tenure track staff, and provides them with independent laboratories and the research equipment they request. Experiments conducted using these research facilities and equipment are supported by specialist technical staff. On this day, staff including the mentor researcher gathered around Assistant Professor Sakoda in the lab and a relaxed research discussion ensued. Yamaguchi University will support and look after its first member of tenure track staff. 【EC800 cell analyzer】 The EC800 is the latest high-spec flow cytometer, and is capable of high-accuracy, high-resolution cell surface antigen / cell cycle analysis, apoptosis analysis, dead cell measurements, cell concentration measurements, etc., all by means of a multilaser. With functions like an automatic sampler and automatic startup / shutdown, this equipment is very useful for identification and functional assays of a variety of immune cells. It is installed in the cell culture chamber of the cell signal analysis laboratory. 【Universal tabletop centrifuge】 This tabletop-size centrifuge is an easy-to-use piece of equipment which can centrifuge tubes and multi-plates of a variety of capacities. It can store up to 99 programs, and the door is easy to open and close with an automatic door lock function. It is next to the EC800 cell analyzer. 【Cellometer Auto T4 Plus automatic cell counter】 With this equipment, the number of cells can be counted automatically (rather than by hand) while at the same time distinguishing between live and dead cells by means of trypan blue dye. The equipment makes it possible to count multiple samples accurately, rapidly and simply, as it only takes 30 seconds to count a single sample. Also, it can measure each cell using the optimal conditions, since representative cell parameters are programmed in in advance. It is in the cell culture chamber.